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Dania Kollegiet is a dorm for students that is situated in the northern part of Aarhus (Aarhus N). If you are thinking about moving into Dania you can find information about the different types of flats, facilities and the history of the dorm on this part of the website.

The construction of the dorm was finished in 1996, and it was named after the factory that earlier occupied the site. Dania is therefore one of the newest dorms in Aarhus.
It has a very central location. It is close to Aarhus University, the shopping center “Storcenter Nord”, and the center of the city as well. The dorm has several facilities that makes it easy to socialize with other residents. These facilities include the fitness room, the TV-lounge, and a rentable common room as well as several green spaces where people can hang out in the summer.

Since all the flats have its own kitchen and bathroom it is also easy to have your own privacy.
The dorm has 252 flats:

  • 125 is one-room flats where only one person is allowed to live.
  • 127 is two-room flats where up to two people can live.

How to get a flat at Dania Kollegiet

If you wish to live at Dania, you have to make an application at Student Housing Aarhus ( Please note that no one at Dania Kollegiet (including the board) has anything to do with renting out rooms or handling applications; everything goes through Student Housing Aarhus. On this website you can also find information about the rent and the different types of flats as well as the requirements for making an application.

Dania is owned and run by Kollegiekontoret Aarhus. Before you move in, it is advised that you read the residence folder on Kollegiekontorets website, where you will find useful information that might come in handy while you live in the dorm.

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