Information about the Common Room Comittee

The lessors of the Common Room are responsible for the weekly rental of the Common Room at Dania. The work is carried out by the lessors on a monthly basis, while the officer is in charge of the overall responsibility on behalf of the departmental board.
They can be contacted by mail via

Main LessorRasmus Wrang Andresen
Tel. 53638613
TreasurerSofie Berggreen Jensen
Tel. 29804535
LessorLine Hybjerg Hansen
Tel. 61798840
LessorMette Aas Jacobsen
Tel. 24481269
LessorChristina Gravgaard Andersen
Tel. 30587756
LessorClara Høj Jensen
Tel. 27134399
LessorOliver Bray
Tel. +447981321098

LAST UPDATED 2020-08-30
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