The Board’s Welcome

In the board, we are happy to welcome you to our dorm. The board consists of five voluntary residents, and if you have any suggestions please contact us.


The dorm has several facilities:

  • The common room (Fællesrummet) is a room that residents can rent for birthdays, parties or other social gatherings. The price is 200 DKK (and you also have to pay a deposit of 800 DKK).
  • The TV-lounge (TV-stuen) is a room beneath Finlandsgade 18 where it is possible to watch a movie or television, play the piano and/or take a game of table football. It is not allowed to have parties in this room, and it is only intended for small social gatherings. If you want to have a party, you have to rent the common room.
  • The Study room (studierum) is connected to the TV-lounge and is located in the basement beneath Finlandsgade 18. The room is well suited for group work and studying.
  • The fitness room has all the equipment you need to keep in shape. It is free to use for residents at Dania Kollegiet. Please note that it is not allowed to brings guests that do not live at Dania.
  • Read more about them here.

Take part in the community!

We highly encourage you to get involved in the daily life of the dorm. We are a group of volunteers that work hard to make the dorm a better place
We have five committees including:

Residents meeting and activity day

Every semester the board (Bestyrelsen) arrange an activity day and a residents meeting. At the residents meeting the account or the budget of the dorm is presented for the residents and afterwards adopted. Problems and proposals are also discussed. If a resident wants to put something to the vote, he/she can send a proposal to the comitee up to two weeks prior to the residents meeting.

The acitivity day is hosted twice a year for the residents. The purpose of the day is to take care of several practical chores on the dorm and prepare for the summer/winter. This includes cleaning the common areas both outside and inside. If it is not done by the residents, professionals will be hired, and this will result in a rise in the rent.

House rules

In a dorm we all live closely together, and it is therefore important to follow this list of house rules.

We do not have any specific rules for noise and behaviour, but it is important to show consideration for your neighbours. If you experience a noisy neighbour or bad behaviour, we encourage you to contact him/her yourself with a letter or in person. People are often not aware of the issue, and will be happy to solve the problem. If this is not the case, and the problem persists, you are welcome to send a complaint to the board (bestyrelsen), and they will try to take care of it. The complaint can be processed anonymously if desired.


The dorm has a private Facebook group for all residents. In this group events are announced, and it is possible to ask other residents questions and act as a social platform. Please note that the group is not intended for complaints about your neighbors. If you have a problem with a neighbor, please contact the board directly by e-mail.

If you have any suggestions for the dorm, please contact us at

Kind regards
The Board

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