Overview of the Facilities

Dania Kollegiet has several facilities that can be used by the residents.

The common room

The common room can be rented for birthdays, parties etc.. There is tableware for up to 40 guests, and there is are a stove, a microwave, a freezer and refrigerators and a bar. There is also a music system with discolight.

The fitness room

The fitness room has all the equipment you need to get fit including a running track, a crosstrainer, weights and much more. It is free to use as a resident at Dania. Please note that it is not allowed to bring guests that do not live at Dania.

The study room

This room is intended for studying. It has two white boards and four tables.

The TV-lounge

In the TV-lounge you can watch television, play the piano, or play table football with your friends. Please note that it is not allowed to throw a party in this room, and it is only intended for small and calm gatherings.

Bicycle Workshop

In the basement under Helsingforsgade 11, there is a small bicycle workshop. There is a small work desk, with a toolbox, and an arm to hold your bike.

Vacuum cleaners

There are 3 vacuum cleaners available to all residents of the dorm. The vacuum cleaners are in the basement below Helsingforsgade 11, where they are in some cabinets facing the laundry room.

Green spaces

The dorm has several green spaces where you can sunbathe, read or have a barbecue. The dorm also has a combined football/volleyball court.


Internet is included in the rent at Dania Kollegiet. Every apartment has a 250/250 Mbit/s connection and it is possible to upgrade the connection by contacting Bolignet-Aarhus. If you want to have a wireless connection you have to buy a router yourself, and connect it to the network socket in the wall in your apartment.


If you want to watch television, you have to contact Bolignet Aarhus. The smallest solution costs 89 DKK each month.


The dorm has two laundries. There are five washing machines and two tumble dryers in each laundry. The price ranges between 9-11 DKK. During the summer half-year, there is a 50% discount between 8 pm to 16 am due to the fact that our solar panels produce plenty of energy at this time.

The laundries are located in the basement of Helsingforsgade 11 and Finlandsgade 18.

Solar panels

The dorm has solar panels on the roof, and during the summer, they are expected to cover around 80% of the electricity in the common areas (e.g. the laundry and fitness room). This makes it possible to have a 50% price discount in the laundry during these months.


There are several parking spaces for cars at Dania Kollegiet as well as bicycle stands. Furthermore, each apartment has its own space to park a bicycle in one of the sheds.

Storage room

Each apartment has a 3 m³ storage room in one of the basements.

Map of the Dorm

Map of Dania
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