About the Caretaker and Contact Info

Dania has, like all other dormitories, a caretaker who takes care of the day-to-day maintenance of the dormitory.

Dania’s caretaker is Henri Olesen.


What can the caretaker do for you?

The caretaker takes care of the daily maintenance of the college. A large part of this maintenance includes residents’ apartments.
If you have problems with a dripping water tap, a running toilet, a leaky window, a noisy exhaust, a stove that does not work or any other problems related to the apartment or college, please contact the caretaker. In other words, the caretaker is your friend in trouble! Before contacting the caretaker, please read the Frequently Asked Questions in which you will find answers to the most common questions. If you do not find an answer there, do not hesitate to contact the caretaker during regular working hours.

You can contact the caretaker the following ways:

On mobile number 21 66 54 36 during regular working hours
At mail dania@kollegiekontoret.dk (remember: please provide address and telephone number, if you, for instance, want to order a craftsman so that he can contact you)
By personal inquiry
Place a note in the caretakers mailbox (at 18A)

Regular working hours:

Monday to Thursday from 7.00 am to 15.30 pm
Friday from 7.30 am – 13.00 pm

If you encounter a problem outside regular working hours, consider first if the problem can be resolved the next working day. If so, please do not contact the company that takes care of it, as it really expensive for us outside regular working hours. If you have to deal with an emergency situation that can not wait until the caretaker comes to work again, emergency numbers can be used.
For instance, an apartment check, a dripping tap or similar can wait. Should you, on the other hand, face an urgent problem, ie. a problem that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid making the damage worse, please contact one of the companies through the aforementioned emergency numbers.

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