Disposal of Waste

Disposal of waste must be done via the waste silos next to the Common House (regular waste, paper, glass, cardboard) or via the waste silo at Finlandsgade 18C (normal waste only).
Waste should not be placed on the ground. Use the waste system and sort properly.

Waste disposal silos

Garbage sorting

Sorting of waste must generally be done after Aarhus municipalitys sorting guide.
For the most common waste, this guide can be used

Normal waste

  • There are three containers for this at the dormitory: two next to the Common House and one at the parking lot on Finlandsgade.
  • Normal waste is collected in bags closed with a knot.
  • Organic waste from cooking is considered normal waste.
  • It is important that the bags are closed, keeping the container clean and thus avoiding expensive cleaning too often.


  • Paper must be in the paper waste silo (one of the four waste silos next to the Common House).
  • Paper such as newspapers, advertisements, etc. will be recycled.
  • Small cardboard may also be placed in it (but not pizza containers).
  • Note: The paper container is for paper only and not for cardboard.


  • The green container to the right of the waste silos is for cardboard – and only cardboard; paper such as newspapers and advertisements must be in the paper container (see above).
  • Pizza containers – even if made from cardboard – must be placed in normal waste, as they contain oil and food residues.


  • Batteries go in the small container that is located on the side of the glass container.

Glass, plastic and metal

  • Glass, plastic and metal are delivered for recycling in the glass container (one of the four containers next to the Common House).

Environmentally hazardous waste

  • Batteries are delivered in the container that is located on the side of the glass container.
  • Paints and oil residues go in the blue container in the bulky waste area.
  • If you are in doubt, ask your caretaker.

Bulky waste (waste that fills a lot)

  • See bulletin by the bulky waste area see Aarhus Municipality’s instructions in bulky waste.
  • Clear bags are handed over by the caretaker. This is because those who collect the waste must be able to see the content in order to sort it properly.

NOTE: Loose waste and waste in cardboard boxes, carry bags and black bags are not taken from the bulky waste area.

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