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On this part of the website you can find the frequently asked questions (FAQ) addressed to the caretaker. Emergency phone numbers, how to borrow a drilling machine from the caretaker, lost keys, unclogging the drain, airing out the apartments, parking options – you can find the answers to (most) questions here! For general information please read the caretaker’s introduction to new residents, and please have a look at the residence folder. Note: There are different types of apartments at Dania Kollegiet, and therefore some of the answers to the questions do not apply to all apartments.

Acute situations

If you encounter an acute situation (such as breakage of a pipe etc.) during working hours (monday-friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm) you should contact the caretaker, Henri Olesen, at this phone number:
+45 21 66 54 36.
If the caretaker is absent (sickness, vacation, etc.) the phone will redirect the call to his substitute automatically.

If the acute situation occurs after normal working hours (monday-friday before 7:30 am and after 4:00 pm, or during the weekends/holidays), you can call these numbers:

Locksmith (Byens Låse) +45 86 10 65 00
Electricity (Rosborg) +45 86 27 08 66
Plumbing and heating +45 86 75 58 12
Drain-service +45 86 75 58 12
Cable television (Bolignet-Aarhus) +45 82 50 50 50
Internet connection (Bolignet-Aarhus) +45 82 50 50 50
Emergency (e.g. medical emergency or fire) +45 112
Police (e.g. if you want to report a break-in) +45 114
The insurance company of the dorm. Covers damages from storms, water and fire at the common areas (Polygon) +45 70 11 00 44

If you are using a telephone on this website, and cannot see the phone numbers probably, please turn the telephone and use it in “landscape mode”. A list of these numbers can also be found at the caretakers office.

Lost key

If you have lost a key you can contact the caretaker during the normal working hours. If you lost the key after normal working hours, and you cannot wait, you can contact the locksmith. Please note that it is on your own account.
If you lose a key the caretaker will change the lock and get you new keys on your own account. When you move out the caretaker will check if you have all the keys.
It is always a good idea to keep your extra set of keys at a friend’s/neighbour’s/family’s place.

Internal moving

It is possible to move to another apartment at the dorm. You can read more about this option at Studenthousing Aarhus’ website.

Internet connection

The internet connection at the dorm is provided by Bolignet-Aarhus. If you experience problems with the connection you should call them
(+45 82 50 50 50), and not the caretaker since it is not guaranteed that he can provide the necessary support. The internet connection is included in the rent, and everyone has a connection of 250/250 Mbit/s (megabit pr. second), and it can be upgraded for an extra fee each month if needed.

Problems may also be caused by a server breakdown, and on this link you can check if Bolignet-Aarhus’ servers are down.

Cable television

Just like the internet connection, the cable television is provided by Bolignet-Aarhus. However, unlike the internet connection, cable television is not included in the rent. If you want to watch television, you have to order it on Bolignet-Aarhus’ website.

Drilling machine, ladder and window cleaning

The following tools can be borrowed from the caretaker:

  • Percussion drill
  • Window cleaning tools
  • Ladder

Airing out your flat:

Your apartment should be aired out daily, and it is your responsibility to do so. This prevents a bad and unhealthy indoor climate. The human expiration consists of a lot of water, so it is important to air out your apartment every day even though you do not cook and/or take a shower.
In the shower there are vents that should be open at all times. However, on a very cold day they can be closed, but then it is important to open the windows more frequently. In the kitchen there is also a cooker hood that should be used during cooking.

Smoke alarm:

There is a smoke alarm in each room at Dania.
Sometimes it can beep if there is a malfunction or something with the battery.
Ista, the company that has set them up, can be contacted on tel. 77 32 32 32
If you take down an alarm, it costs over 1000 kr. to get a new one.
Should it be necessary to take down the alarm, make a movie with it beeping and clarifying that it is evening / night so Ista and the caretaker can see that it was necessary to take down the alarm.
Then contact the caretaker by mail. Please indicate that it the alarm has been taking down, address and telephone number.


You should clean the drain in the bathroom on a regular basis in order to prevent it from clogging. There are three different types of drains at Dania Kollegiet. Below you can read about them all.

Type 1 – “The cup” (is in most flats)

Take the cover off. Next, take the plastic funnel up. Thereafter, take the “cup” up. There is a steel handle that you can grab easily. The function of the cup is to prevent the smell from the drain to get in the bathroom. Clean both the plastic funnel and the cup with plenty of water. If there are a lot of gunk, put it in a plastic bag. If it is not that dirty, it is okay to flush the gunk in the drain.

Type 1 - The cup

Type 2

The second type of the drain is easier to clean than type 1. Take the cover off, and then using rubber gloves/plastic bag grab the thing that prevents the smell from the drain to get in your bathroom. Clean it with plenty of water, and if there are a lot of gunk, put in a plastic bag and throw it out. If it is not that dirty, it is okay to flush the gunk in the drain.

Type 2

Type 3

The same principle as type two applies here. You just need to unscrew the cover before you can take it off.

Type 3 afløbsrensning1 Type 3 afløbsrensning2 Type 3 afløbsrensning3 Type 3 afløbsrensning4 Type 3 afløbsrensning5 Type 3 afløbsrensning6

Scale and descaling

There are lot of scale in the drinking water at Dania Kollegiet. That means that limescale will gradually built up in both the tap aerators and in the bathroom. If you remove it with a regular basis you should be fine, but if you never do it, it will be very hard to remove when you move out. The caretaker will in these situations hire a professional cleaner on your own account. However, this can easily be prevented if you use detergents that remove limescale once in a while.


The only thing you are allowed to screw off is the tap aerator. The tap aerator ensures a nice speed of the stream, and it saves water by mixing water and air. Since there are a lot of scale in the water at Dania, it can be good idea to put it in a detergent that removes limescale for half a day (e.g. vinegar) once in a while. You can use the same principle to clean the shower head as well (but remember how to assemble it again!).

Aerator Shower head

Bicycles and mopeds

Bicycles should be parked in the sheds or in the bicycle parking areas. Every flat has its own personal parking space in one of the sheds. By clicking this link you can find out in which shed you have your parking space.

If you have an expensive bike/moped, it is a good idea to ask the caretaker for advice on how to store it the best way.

Bikes and mopeds are not allowed to stand between the buildings, small pathways, in front of trash cans etc. because nothing should be blocking the way of the fire-fighting service in case of fire at the dorm.

The dorm has an air compressor that is free to use for the residents. It can found in the caretaker’s shed in front of Helsingforsgade 9 at the parking lot. In the summer, the water is also turned on, and then you are free to wash your bike.

Motor cycle

Contact the caretaker about where to park etc.


Every flat has its own boxroom in one of the basements. The boxrooms are small but this is not an excuse for storing anything in the corridors outside the rooms. Belongings that are found outside the boxrooms will be removed immediately with no warning by the care taker. If you need extra storage for the refridgerator or closet, the caretaker might be able to help, as he has a storage for these things. NOTE the storage can be fully stored, so there might not be free space. Contact the caretaker


The dorm has a handcart that can be borrowed when moving or transportation of new furniture or the like. The handcard is locked, and you need to contact the caretaker in order to borrow the key. If notice any damage on the handcart, report it to the care taker.

Cleaning when moving out

For tips and tricks, please have a look at this part of the website.

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