Dania Dormitory House Rules

The Dania Dormitory House Rules are the current rules.
This has been regularly agreed upon by residents of Dania on the residents’ meetings since 1996. The rules thus form the framework for life at the dormitory.
Note: At the dormitory we do not have fixed times for noise or tranquility. Instead we refer to §2 in the House Order (see below).

§ 1

All residents are jointly responsible for maintaining the right order at the dormitory. Every resident is obliged to comply with the regulations that may be given by the board of directors, the board of directors of the housing company or its authorized representative.

Par. 2

These regulations also apply to guests, as every resident is responsible for the behavior of his or her guests at the dormitory.

§ 2

Residents must voluntarily and without question submit to the restrictions on free life that are required to ensure the well-being of the common life at the dormitory. In particular, people reading and studying must be respected, especially when private gatherings are arranged.

§ 3

It is up to every resident to contribute to good order on the premises that serve for common use as well as to contribute to the maintenance of the order in these, including cleaning of the common premises. If damage can be tracted to a single person, he or she will be liable for the damage. Cleaning stairs and hallways is mandatory employment in the rental.

§ 4

It is the duty of every resident to treat the effects of the dormitory carefully and to ensure that nothing is removed from the college.

§ 5

Pets must not be brought to nor be present at the dormitory.

§ 6

From the moment a resident recieves his or her keys from the caretaker, and until the keys are again delivered to the caretaker, the resident is solely responsible for his or her apartment and its inventory. The resident is therefore obliged to replace any damage that can not be attributed to normal wear and tear.

Par. 2

If a resident wishes to evade liability for defects, damages, wear or tear on the apartment or its inventory which is discovered when taking over the lease, it is upon him or her to immediately inform the caretaker of the shortcomings, etc.

§ 7

The college assumes no responsibility for the residents’ property.

§ 8

When relocation from the dormitory, a check will be made of the accommodation to which all the dorm’s belongings must be present. The tenant must arrive before 9.00 am on the day of departure, arrange for the cleaning of the entire rental and deliver keys to the caretaker. Cleaning also applies to bathroom and the sanitary facilities.
Physical relocation must be made in accordance with the maintenance regulations at least 7 working days before the 1st or the 15th of the month.

Par. 2

The dormitory reserves the right to clean the accommodation to the extent that it is deemed necessary on the expense of the vacant tenant.

§ 9

In the case of a resident’s failure to comply with the house rules, the resident may be given a warning by the departmental board.

Par. 2

In case of severe or repeated violation of the house rules, the board of the housing company may, after obtaining an opinion from the dormitory’s departmental board, terminate the person concerned for immediate relocation.

Par. 3

For handling of cases related to violation of the house rules, the rules laid down by the departmental board applies as well.

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