Recurring Semiannual Activities

The dorm has two regular events each semester: A residents meeting (beboermøde) and an activity day (aktivitetsdag).
Besides this, we have a “bicycle raid” (cykkelrazzia) each year where we remove abandoned bikes from the dorm.

Residents meeting

Each semester the board arranges a residents meeting where the residents have the opportunity to influence the future of the dorm. Proposals received from the residents that might improve the dorm are discussed and voted for. Proposals should be sent to no later than two weeks prior to the meeting. The account or the budget of the dorm is also presented for the residents and afterwards adopted.
At the residents meeting it is also possible to sign up for one of the voluntary committees if members are needed (E.g. The Board, Dania for Fun and the fitness room commitee)

Activity day

Twice a year, usually one time during spring and one time during autumn, The Board hosts an activity day where the common areas of the dorm is thoroughly cleaned both inside and outside, and different practical chores are carried out (e.g. bicycle raid). The Board highly encourage you to participate because if we are not enough people, we have to hire professional cleaning which will result in a higher rent. Both breakfast and lunch are provided by The Board.

Bicycle raid

Roughly one time a year The Board hosts a bicycle raid, usually during the activity day. The purpose of the day is to remove abandoned bikes by residents that have moved out. The Board puts stickers (look at the image below) on every bike on the dorm about one month prior to the raid. If the sticker is not removed, the bicycle will be removed and stored for a while before they are delivered to the police.

If your bike has disappeared after an activity day, it has probably been removed during the raid. You can contact the care taker ( because he knows where the bikes are stored.

Bicycle raid sticker
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