Book the Common Room

You can book the Common Room in the Common House (party room with associated facilities) via the calendar at the bottom of this page (or at the front page).

The common room can be hired for private, closed, non-commercial events.

Information about the Common Room and its associated facilities can be found here.

General Terms and Conditions

The general rules for use and rent of the Common Room can be read here.

Specific conditions for reserving the Common Room are also:

  • The common room is a conference room in a dormitory and therefore it can not be expected that it has the same items and equipment as a professional party room/assembly hall.
  • It is not allowed to make double bookings – for instance by reserving the Common Room Thursday and Friday. However, it is possible to apply for dispensation by contacting the Common Room lessors, but there must be heavy arguments as it will cause fewer available dates to others)
  • A reservation of a date is not valid until you have received a confirmation of the reservation from the Common Room lessors.
  • In order for everyone to be able to reserve the Common Room, it is only allowed to book a maximum of 3 dates in the future.
  • It is only possible to reserve a date 6 months in the future.
  • It is the sole responsibility of the tenant to cancel a reservation in case it is not to be used. This must be done within 14 days prior to the booked date by contacting the common room lessors via email. The reservation cannot be cancelled after this deadline. Late cancellation of a reservation may result in quarantine of up to 12 months from booking the common room.

A reservation may be cancelled at any time by the common room lessors in case of non-compliance with the terms of rent or in case of failure to comply with recommendations from the common room lessors.

Book a date

To rent the venue, press the desired date on the calendar below; You will receive a confirmation of your reservation as soon as it has been approved by the common room lessors. Note: You can only book a date that is at least fourteen days in the future. If you want to rent the Common Room with less than fourteen days notice, send an email to the common room lessors and see if it can be done.

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