Common Room Rules

Rules for the use of the Common Room

These rules must be considered as part of the house rules, cf. section 1 of the House Order. At the same time, attention is drawn to the fact that the House Rules also apply in the Common Room. It is possible to use the Common Room all year round.

  1. WHO: The tenant is the person listed on the lease. The tenant must be legally residing at the dormitory, meaning that the common room cannot be rented by people not currently living in the dorm.
  2. WHAT: The borrowed consists of the Common Room (Finlandsgade 16C, basement) and associated sanitary facilities and items (see list here). There are tables, chairs and service for 40 people.
  3. WHEN: The loan period is the period specified on the lease. Outside this period, the tenant can not claim access to the room, and the cleaning (see section 9 and ‘cleaning of the Common Room’) must thus be completed within the loan period. Specific times for access to the Common Room are agreed with the previous and future tenants, if possible at the meeting for key delivery. If no agreement can be reached between the tenants, the time is at 12.00 noon. The departmental board may set limits on when and for how long the Common Room can be borrowed, for example during exam periods.
  4. RESPONSIBILITY: The tenant is liable for everything in the event of theft, vandalism and house crimes, including any compensation claims due to damage to buildings and/or furniture caused by the tenant or tenant’s guests. Household crimes are dealt with by the Departmental Board and may, in addition to the usual court proceedings, cause quarantine from the Common Room.
  5. DEPOSIT: The tenant puts 800 Danish Kroner in deposit in connection with key delivery + 200 Danish Kroner for rent of the Common Room – a total of 1,000 Danish Kroner. The deposit will be refunded after inspection, but may be deducted in case of damage to inventory, missing/inadequate cleaning or violation of the smoking ban. Additional claims for damages are possible and will be recalled by the Collegiate Office.
  6. BOOKING & KEY DELIVERY: All reservations are made via this website. Time of key delivery is received from the common room lessor via mail about one week before the rental period. If the tenant can not meet at the given time, another time may be agreed.
  7. If a reservation is not wanted anyway, it is the sole responsibility of the tenant to withdraw the reservation. This should be done within 14 days before the booked date by contacting the common room lessors by e-mail. Late cancellation of reservation may result in quarantine from booking the common room in up to 6 months. Absense from the key meeting may result in quarantine from booking the Common Room in up to 1 year.

  8. SMOKING: The common room is strictly non-smoking – violation of the smoking ban entails withdrawal of the entire deposit.
  9. QUIETNESS: Refering to the House Rules §2:
  10. “Residents must voluntarily and without question submit to the restrictions on free life that are required to ensure the well-being of the common life at the dormitory. In particular, people reading and studying must be respected, especially when private gatherings are arranged.”

    To ensure this, doors and windows must be kept closed during noisy applications of the Common Room. After 10:00 pm, the party must be moved inside the Common Room and doors and windows must be closed. Smoking is going on outdoors and under quiet conditions after 10:00 pm (see point 7). Ventilation of the Common Room must therefore only take place after the party has ended.

  11. CLEANING: Tables and chairs must be stacked by the walls, and kitchen equipment placed in neat and easy-to-count stacks in the cupboards as the labels prescribe. The kitchen including items and equipment, party room, hallway and sanitary facilities must be cleaned before leaving the room – see instructions on the notice board in the Common Room. The tenant is responsible for the subsequent cleanup and cleaning of the Common Room – and is thus solely responsible for ensuring that this is done satisfactorily. All forgotten items will be thrown out. Waste is removed before leaving the room; Use the nearby waste containers (and sort correctly). See “Cleaning the Common Room” for a thorough description of the requirements for sorting garbage.
  12. KEY TRANSFER BETWEEN LEASERS: The key to the Common Room acts as a contract between the tenants, which means that whoever holds the key also holds the full responsibility for the room as is. Therefore, when the key is handed to the future tenant, he or she is now in full responsibility for the Common Room, including items, cleaning and any damage. Therefore, it is strongly advised that the previous and future tenants meet in the Common Room, and together, within reasonable limits, check whether you are satisfied with the cleaning and look of the Common Room. If this is not the case, it is the responsibility of the future tenant either to ensure that the previous tenant brings this in order before the key transfer takes place or before the Common Room is handed over to the common room lessor.
  13. If the cleaning is not satisfactory and the previous tenant refuses to make up for this or if you find broken furniture after you have taken over the Common Room, this must be notified immediately to the Common Room lessor. Otherwise, it is the last tenant before the inspection visit, who is in charge and responsible.

  14. DISAGREEMENTS: If the tenant can not agree with the decision of the Common Room lessor in connection with the inspection of the delivered room, the matter shall be forwarded to the departmental board, which is the supreme authority in rental cases.
  15. SAFETY RULES: Never exceed 150 people in the room at the same time. The escape routes must be kept free. This means, in particular, that seats must not be placed in front of the doors. The tenant is aware that there is a fire extinguisher in the room (fire blanket and fire extinguisher by the kitchen).
  16. PENALTIES: If the Departmental Board receives a complaint in connection with the hiring of the Common Room, and the Departmental Board agrees with the complaint, this (in serious cases) may result in the tenant getting quarantined from booking the Common Room for up to 1 year. The tenant must at any time comply with the references of the Common Room lessors, and if this does not happen, the Common Room lessors may at any time close the party. The tenant shall also, in accordance with appropriate reasonableness, comply with the recommendations of his fellow collegians.

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